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Below are some issues that are important to me.  What issues are important to you?  Email me at  I am always happy to listen to your concerns!

Spending and Taxes

I am a fiscal conservative. City council must thoroughly evaluate all spending and commitments to make sure we are using taxpayer dollars as efficiently as possible.  This means we go through the budget line by line to make sure we have a balanced budget.  This money does not belong to us, it belongs to the residents of Naperville, and we owe a duty to them to make sure it is spent wisely.

Also, should a pension or insurance ever be offered to me by the City, I would decline it.

Local Economy and Development

I will be an advocate for economic growth and more jobs.  I believe the City Council, the Naperville Development Partnership, the chamber of commerce, and other local groups need to continue to seek out and solicit businesses to come to Naperville. We need to be business friendly to grow our tax base and combat empty store fronts which seem to be growing in our otherwise wonderful City.  With new development, we need to have a balanced approach.  We need to be respectful to character of the neighborhood, traffic, density, property values, and the environment.

Property Taxes

It's no secret that property taxes are a major problem in our state.  We currently have the highest property taxes in the country and it is forcing people to leave the state by the ten's of thousands.  While the City of Naperville takes only a very small part of your property tax bill, we still need to fight against the rising property taxes in our state.

Transparency and Patronage

Residents should know what their money is being spent on, who is getting it, and why. We need to make this easy to find on the city's website and include an easy to find budget summary for residents to read.  I support a ban on relatives and spouses of City Council members serving on City Boards.  I strongly believe our City Boards need to be filled with experienced, competent people in that line of work so that they can contribute and be an asset to our community.

Resident's concerns

Every voice deserves to be heard and respected no matter their background.  By listening to residents, we will build a stronger community.  As a city council member, I will welcome all voices and will give them the respect they deserve.

Public Safety and Drugs

Naperville is considered one of the safest cities in America but there is still work to do. Drugs are being pushed in our community and we need to take a strong, aggressive approach to combat the issue.  We need more coordination between local, county, and state police to stop the flow of drugs via I-88.  I also support more education for our children on the dangers of drugs.


Naperville is a top destination for families because of our great schools.  I will continue to fight for policies that help our schools maintain that level.  Great schools are an asset to our community and support a great housing market.

Traffic and Safety

Unfortunately traffic has become a big issue in some areas.  In addition to congestion, it also poses a safety hazard for our children.  In some areas, near elementary schools for example, there are several safety concerns with drivers going too fast, not seeing stop signs, etc.  I've met with several parents about this issue.  The safety of our children is a top priority and I will support policies that address these issues.

5th Ave Development and Metra Trains

I am a commuter.  I use the train almost every day.  While I am very happy that the land around the train station is being developed, we need to make sure it is done so in a responsible and practical manner.  For example, we need more parking spaces for commuters.  To me, this is non-negotiable.  The City Council needs to address this long standing issue when there is an opportunity to do so.  We also have to be extremely careful when it comes to traffic in that area.  We cannot let this area become a traffic nightmare.  When hundreds of people come off the train, they need to vacate the area as quickly and as efficiently as possible.  This means more parking on the south side of the tracks since the vast majority of people live south of the train station.  This also means re-configuring the lights to allow for people to depart quickly.  The lights can be timed to coincide with people getting off the trains.  In summary, this is a major project and we need to think about many factors before approving the plans.

Property Values

I will support policies to increase our property values.  For the vast majority of us, our homes are our biggest investments.  We worked hard and saved for our down payment to buy our home.  We need someone on City Council that will advocate for policies that support a healthy real estate market and to protect our property values.

Parks and green space

Parks and green space are an important element for a successful city like Naperville.  They are good for the environment, provide opportunities for our residents to engage with each other in recreational activities, help children learn skills, and help shape and attract people to the neighborhoods in the City.  I will always be a supporter of park and green space while I am on City Council.

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